Our policy is to provide an atmosphere where campers have fun in a friendly and safe environment where everyone is respectful of nature and each other. This means some rules are needed.  Failure to comply with any of our rules may result in immediate termination of your camping permit. Offenders will be asked to leave without a refund.


Cancellation within 12 hours of booking

100% Refund without Penalty

Cancellations 31 days or more in advance of scheduled arrival

100% Refund minus $10.00 Cancellation fee

Cancellations 15-30 days in advance of scheduled arrival

50% Refunded

Cancellations 14 days or less in advance of scheduled arrival

No Refund



Limit of FOUR (4) persons per campsite. Exception can be made for a group consisting of 2 adults and accompanying children under the age of 18. 
Tent sites are limited to a maximum of 3 shelters. This includes all sleeping  and dining shelters. Not suitable for trailers, pop-ups, or hybrids.

** Please read the campsite description carefully **
*** Site fees include all permitted shelters up to the limit identified for the campsite. We have discontinued to practice of charging for additional tents. 

Limit of FOUR (4) persons per premium campsite with a maximum of 2 shelters. This includes sleeping and dining shelters.
Shower and toilet shelters are prohibited on premium tent sites.

Only 1 vehicle may be parked on the campsite.  Second vehicle may be parked in our visitor parking area at no additional charge.
*** Site fees include all permitted shelters up to the limit identified for the campsite. We have discontinued to practice of charging for additional tents.  

Limit of ONE trailer per campsite. Dining tents are welcome. All other tents including sleeping tents, shower tents and toilet tents are strictly forbidden on trailer sites.
Site fee covers up to SIX (6) people. A fee of $10.00 per night will be applied at check in for additional campers.

Only 1 vehicle may be parked on the campsite.  A second vehicle may be parked in our visitor parking area at no additional charge.


Check In: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm ONLY
Check Out: 11:00 am


Boat docking is available @ $10/day or $50/week. Ask for details at check in.
Boat trailers can be parked in designated area –but not on campsites.
Sea-Doos and Jet Skis are prohibited.


Our rental Cabins are classified as housekeeping cabins. This means that you are responsible for bringing your own supplies and for cleaning the cabin during and at the end of your stay.

See our Cabins page for more information.


Respect for other campers, their campsite and belongings is expected. This expectation extends to your children and your visitors.
Walk on roadways, and don’t cut accross other campsites.
Keep music and voices at a reasonable level. A rule of thumb is: if you can be heard more than 2 campsites away, you are probably annoying other campers.
QUIET TIME:  11:00 pm to 7:00 am


Our water comes from a well (not the lake) and is filtered, treated and tested regularly to ensure it is safe to drink from the tap at your campsite.

Campers staying on unserviced tent sites can confidently drink from taps labeled “Drinking Water”.


For everyone’s safety, bicycles, scooters and other vehicles are prohibited on the beach and docks.

Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times. 

Running on docks is dangerous to the runner and to other people on the dock. Please remind your children to walk on the dock.

Pets are not permitted on the docks or beach area. If you are taking your pet to your boat, please carry it from the road or grass until you get into your boat.


We deliver a load of mixed hardwood, softwood and kindling to your campsite for a very reasonable rate. 

Our firewood load is equivalent to approximately six bags and is good quality, dry firewood.

Please be advised that there is absolutely no outside firewood allowed in the park.
In an aid to stop the spread of the Asian Beetle, the Ash Bore, Gypsy months and other invasive pests, we will restrict entry to anyone bringing outside firewood. Do not cut, carve, or deface trees. Do not remove wood from the forest.

Each campsite and cabin has its own firepit. Fires should only be in the pit and never left unattended.
Tent sites have firepits with attached cooking grates.
Do not move firepits for any reason.


We are part of Fisheries Management Zone 18. 

For your convenience, fishing worms can be purchased onsite.

Please feel free to fish from the west shoreline and small dock away from boats, pets and swimmers or from the dock that is next to the boat launch  No one wants to get caught by a hook or tangled in a fishing line while swimming so Fishing from the dock next to the swimming area is prohibited.



Fireworks of all kinds are strictly prohibited. 
Fireworks are disruptive to wildlife and other campers, they are a fire hazard, and leave a mess of paper and metal bits that pollute the forest and lake.
Campers who set off fireworks will be asked to leave the park immediately.


Sadly our waste pick up service does not sort or recycle so we ask that you take dry recycling home with you if at all possible.
All other garbage should be deposited in the large yellow dumpster near the park gates.

Remember, wild creatures including squirrels, chipmunks, birds and fox will forage for food left out on tables or in your garbage bags, so be sure to put everything away at night or when you leave your campsite


Generators are NOT permitted on tent sites at any time. 

In the event of a power outage, trailers in the main park may use a generator only during day.


Pets are welcome but must be on leash at all times, accompanied by owners who stoop and scoop. If you don’t have a pet litter bag, please ask us for one.  Picking up after your pet is mandatory. 

Pets are not permitted on the “people” beach, but we do have a designated pet swimming area and a dog park for your pet to exercise under your careful supervision. 


Our washroom and outhouse are cleaned, sanitized,  and stocked with paper, hand soap/hand sanitizer. Each has fully enclosed stalls for your privacy.

Our shower building has fully enclosed showers and toilet stalls for your privacy.  


One vehicle may be parked at your campsite or cabin.
Ask us about parking for extra vehicles and boat trailers.

10 km/hour maximum on all campground roads.
Please remember to watch for children and grown ups who may walk onto the road without looking first.

Operation of ATVs / Off-road vehicles is prohibited on the property
If you wish to bring an ATV to ride on the nearby TransCanada Trail, you may park it in the designated area near the campground gate.
ATVs and Off-road vehicles are NOT permitted at your campsite.


Campers may welcome visitors from 10am to 8pm. (A fee of $10.00/adult per day applies)

All Visitors must register with campground management before entering the premises. Campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors.

The total of campers and visitors should never exceed 10 per campsite


Our rocky and forested location does not enable reliable wifi connectivity, but we are close to a 4G cellular tower and most campers find they are able to receive calls and use their cell phone data without issue.  


We invite you to enjoy walking our campground roads and forest paths where you will see lots of birds and small wildlife and if you are quiet, you may see deer, wild turkey, and some big old turtles.

But if you are looking for some serious hiking, you may want to check out some of these nearby trails:

Kennebec Wilderness Trails

Lennox & Addington County Forest Trails 

Sheffield Trail

Flinton Road Trail


Addisons Restaurant,11893 Hwy 41, Kaladar, (613) 336-8265    Full Menu–Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

C4 Country Convenience, 6323 Arden Road, Arden, (613) 335-4444  Takeout Pizza and Wings, Seasonal chip wagon, Gas station, Convenience store

The Codfather, North of 7, 12269 Hwy 41, Northbrook,  (613) 336-1212  

Galas Pit Stop, 112964 Highway #7, Kaladar, (613) 743-2320     Hotdogs, Burgers, Fries, Poutine and more…

Joje Café and Market, 113016 Hwy 7, Kaladar, (613) 336-2233

PG’s Pizza, 12335 Hwy 41, Northbrook, (613) 336-2522

Spill the Beanz 12 Peterson Rd, Northbrook, (613) 336-3385    Full menu –Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Subway Kaladar Shell, Highway 7 & 41

41 Fries 12428 Hwy 41, Northbrook  Chip truck


When the weather isn’t quite right to be out on the lake, or you just want something different to do: 

Hunters Green Golf Course  
3 Disc Golf courses
9 Hole Par 32 Executive Golf Course

Cost is $10/ 9 holes, $15 / 18 holes, and $20 all day play


For the historian in the group:
Cloyne Pioneer Museum & Archives


For the artist

Arden Batik open by chance or by appointment

July 29-31 Flinton Community Jamboree 


At the campground, Firewood, Ice and Worms are delivered to your campsite. If you need something more:

Northbrook, is located on Highway 41 approx 15 min north of Highway 7 and offers the a good selection of supplies including:

Foodland Grocery Store


Beer Store

Cannabis Store

Kaladar Shell (at Highway #7 & Hwy #41) offers a good selection of snack and convenience foods as well as beer, wine and souveniers.

Arden Just 1 km south of highway 7 on Arden Road. C4 Convenience offers a few necessities as well as gas and take out.


Wondering about the weather forcast for today? 


Our best weather is Elm Tree, Ontario.  Why not Arden? Hint: you take Elm Tree Road past what used to be the village of Elm Tree to get to our park and we find it to be the most accurate reflection of what happens at Woodland Park Campground.