Our policy is to provide an atmosphere where campers have fun in a friendly and safe environment where everyone is respectful of nature and each other. This means some rules are needed.  Failure to comply with any of our rules will result in immediate termination of your camping permit. Offenders will be asked to leave without a refund.


In the event that regional state of emergency closures impact your scheduled stay at our park, we will refund your reservation fee 100% with the following conditions:
If you have booked less than 120 days in advance of your stay 100% refund will be applied if legislation/regional regulations require us to cancel your reservation.
If you booked MORE than 120 days in advance of your stay and legislation/regional regulations require us to cancel your reservation more than 120 days after your booking date, we will apply your deposit to your next booking, and a $10.00 processing fee will be applied. If you cannot re-book you will need to provide details for a manual refund and a $15.00 processing fee will be applied.
At all other times, refunds -minus a $10.00 cancellation fee- will be given for cancellations received at least 15 days prior to check in date. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 15 days of scheduled arrival.


Check In: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm ONLY
Check Out: 11:00 am

Check In: SATURDAY 3:00 pm
Check Out: FRIDAY 11:00 am


Cabin rentals this year are 6-day rentals. Tourism Guidelines recommend keeping each cabin empty for 24 hours between rentals to allow the air to be cleared of any possible contaminants between rentals.  In addition each cabin will be treated with a Health Canada endorsed product which has been approved as effective against the Corona virus. 


Respect for other campers, their campsite and belongings is expected. This expectation extends to your children and your visitors.
Walk on roadways, and don’t cut accross other campsites.
Keep music and voices at a reasonable level. A rule of thumb is: if you can be heard more than 2 campsites away, you are probably annoying other campers.
QUIET TIME:  11:00 pm to 7:00 am


Everyone attending at the campground will be screeened prior to entry and will be expected to abide by provincial health regulations and pandemic related restrictions in place at the time of their visit including but not limited to group/gathering restrictions, social distancing & mask wearing even if you have been vaccinated.

If you begin to feel unwell during your visit

You can read our covid plan here.


Pets are not permitted on the docks or beach area.
If you are taking your pet to your boat, please carry it from the road or grass until you get into your boat.

For everyone’s safety,bicycles, scooters and other vehicles are prohibited on the docks
Running on docks is dangerous to the runner and to other people on the dock. Please remind your children to walk on the dock.



One vehicle per campsite or cabin.
Ask us about parking for extra vehicles and boat trailers.

10 km/hour maximum on all campground roads.
Please remember to Watch for Children and grown ups who may walk onto the road without looking first.

Operation of ATVs / Offroad vehicles is prohibited on the property
If you wish to bring an ATV to ride on the nearby TransCanada Trail, you may park it in the designated area near the campground gate.
ATVs and Offroad vehicles are NOT permitted at your campsite.


One or Two well behaved Pets are welcome but must be on leash at all times, accompanied by owners who stoop and scoop.
Pets are not permitted on the “people” beach, or docks, but we do have a designated pet swimming area
If you don’t have a pet litter bag, please ask us for one.  Picking up after your pet is mandatory. 


Our washroom and outhouse are cleaned, sanitized,  and stocked with paper, hand soap/hand sanitizer. 

We strongly discourage the use of portable potties, buckets or the forest instead of the facilities, but if you can’t manage to walk to the facilities, paper may be placed in your garbage or burned. Please DO NOT dump buckets, or leave Toilet Paper on your campsite or in the forest. 

We carefully clean up every campsite and surrounding area after each camper checks out.  No one should have to see or handle your toilet waste. If we see toilet waste/toilet paper on or around your campsite, you may be asked to leave and you will not be welcome back.

The shower building will remain closed for the 2021 camping season.


We deliver approx 45 pieces of mixed hardwood, softwood and kindling to your campsite for a very reasonable rate.

Please be advised that there is absolutely no outside firewood allowed in the park.
In an aid to stop the spread of the Asian Beetle, the Ash Bore, Gypsy months and other invasive pests, we will restrict entry to anyone bringing outside firewood. Do not cut, carve, or deface trees. Do not remove wood from the forest.

Each campsite and cabin has its own firepit. Fires should only be in the pit and never left unattended.
Tent sites have firepits with attached cooking grates.
Do not move firepits for any reason.


Fishing from the main dock with swimming area is prohibited.
No one wants to get caught by a hook or tangled in a fishing line while swimming!
Please feel free to fish from the dock that is next to the boat launch or fish from the shoreline away from boats, pets and swimmers

For your convenience, fishing worms can be purchased onsite.


Sadly our waste pick up service does not sort or recycle so we ask that you take dry recycling home with you if at all possible.
All other garbage should be deposited in the Large dumpster near the park gates.

Remember, wild creatures including squirrels, chipmunks, birds and fox will forrage for food left out on tables or in your garbage bags, so be sure to put everything away at night or when you leave your campsite

Fireworks of all kinds are strictly prohibited. 
Fireworks are disruptive to wildlife and other campers, they are a fire hazard, and leave a mess of paper and metal bits that polute the forest and lake.
Campers who set off fireworks will be asked to leave the park immediately.

Generators are NOT permitted on tent sites at any time. 

In the event of a power outage, trailers in the main park may use a generators only during day.


Visitors must register with campground management and complete a waiver before entering the premisis.
Campers are responsible for the actions of their visitors

The total of campers and visitors should never exceed 10 per campsite

*In respect of the current pandemic, Provincial guidelines regarding family and social circle will be supported and serve as our guideline for whether to allow visitors, how many visitors, and under what circumstances.  


Boat docking is available @ $10/day or $50/week. Ask for details at check in.
Boat trailers must be parked in designated area –not on campsites.
Sea Doos and Jet Skis are prohibited.