A pre-admission screening form will be emailed to registered campers prior to arrival date
The email also outlines closed facilities, safe distancing requirements etc.
If not completed before arrival, customers are asked to complete the screening form at check in

Greet campers and check in outdoors
Check in one campsite at a time. Ask others to remain in vehicles or at a safe distance
All parties must wear masks during the check in process
Sanitize debit machine and table surface, after each use
Sanitize wall in front of outdoor check in table regularly
Hand sanitizer available for customers to use before/after check in transaction
Registration includes listing names of EVERY person sharing the campsite and contact information for one person in each party

Provide hand sanitizer at gate/intercom

After campers check out, Firepits are cleaned out, and grounds are inspected for garbage.
Water, Hydro and Septic connection points are sanitized.

There will not be a store
Campers are asked to call or text for supplies (firewood, ice and fishing worms)
Supplies are delivered to the campsite
Electronic payment options are available at the campsite

Boats, paddles and safety equipment will be sanitized after each use
Campers are asked to call or text to arrange for boat rentals
Paddles, and safety equipment will be delivered to campsite
Boats are stored and picked up at the beach
Payment is accepted at the campsite. Electronic payment options are available

Washroom & Outhouses are cleaned and sanitized a minimum of 2 times daily
Washroom has sink with running water for hand washing
Outhouses are equipped with hand sanitizer
Signs posted outside Washroom & Outhouses stating that Mask must be worn to enter

Shower Building will remain closed

Physical Distancing signs on docks and beach area
Benches on the beach, grassy area and dock are spaced more than 6ft apart to allow for distancing between groups of guests.

The climber and swings are sanitized daily
Concerned parents are encouraged to sanitize before their children’s use
Shared sand toys, buckets, shovels, and trucks will not be put out on the beach this year
Parents are encouraged to bring buckets, shovels and other beach toys for their children’s use

Horseshoes, volley balls and other shared items have been removed from the beach
Adults wishing to play games with shared game pieces will be responsible for santiizing pieces before and after their game and putting them back after their game. Participants are responsible to ensure safe distancing during play and that group size and composition is in keeping with current health guidelines.

Only one RV per campsite
2nd trailer or tent are forbidden on Trailer sites
Maximum of two tents per campsite in forested area with no more than 10 people on a campsite including visitors

Provincial guidelines regarding family and social circle will be supported and serve as our guideline for whether to allow visitors, how many visitors and under what circumstances
The total of camper and visitors should never exceed 10 per campsite

At all times gatherings will adhere to health department/provincial guidelines
Numbers of people gathered must not exceed numbers set forth by public health department

Campers will dispose of their own garbage at the dumpster near the campground entrance

Only 1 person or family group at a time inside the Fish Cleaning Hut (Sign posted on door)
Surface sanitizer spray and paper towel supplied for users to clean the stainless steel counter and sink before and after each use
Hand sanitizer supplied for users of the Fish Cleaning Hut
Fishermen are encouraged to bring their own knives, cutting boards and tools
We sanitize counter, floors, walls and door handles
Sign posted on the door stating Masks should be worn while inside this building

Will remain closed except to access boats, vehicles and supplies
Masks are required for entry to this building

Cabins are left vacant for 24hours between guests
All bed covers, shower curtains, futon and cushion covers other fabric items are removed and laundered thoroughly between rentals.
Kitchen sponge, jay clothes are single use and disposed of following each rental
All dishes, pots and pans are washed with hot water
Provide 2 coffee filters per day in sealed baggy. Customers can ask for more if needed. Any leftover filters are disposed of after each rental
Toilet Paper, Paper towel, are provided by the client. Leftover paper products are disposed of following each rental
Clean all surfaces, light switches, door handles, lamps between rentals
Encourage customers to bring Lysol wipes, spray etc. for use during their stay
Maintenance issues will only be performed when cabins are empty between rentals. If a lightbulb, ceiling fan, water tap needs attention client will be provided instruction to handle it themselves, if unable to repair, all renters must leave the cabin for maintenance to be performed. Maintenance personnel will wear a mask and gloves when entering the empty cabin.
In the event of a presumptive case of Covid19, the Health department will be notified and the cabin will remain vacant until it has been thoroughly disinfected and approval to reopen has been received from the health department before renting again.

In the event of a presumptive case of Covid19, we will immediately notify the KFL&A Public Health department and ask for advice on how to proceed.
All Campers onsite will be promptly notified and instructed on how to proceed based on the Public Health Department guidance.
The Public Health Department will be provided with a complete list of campers and visitors who attended at the campground during the period of time where exposure to the presumptive case could have been possible.

We have selected and verified the following sanitizers and cleaning products for use at the campground referencing Health Canada’s list of approved products for use against Covid-19:
DIN # 80097915 Solvable – hand sanitizer
DIN # 80097861 Natural Concepts Hand Sanitizer
DIN # 02359014 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
DIN # 02160331 Spray Nine
DIN # 02488655 Sodium Hypochlorite
DIN # 02478536 Purifyd (R) Formula